lol, got into a argument with a dude and smoked him (read to find out more)


Mar 26, 2007
i'm riding at a track called pine ridge, then when i'm just sitting at a starting gate a kid on a 300ex who must have been 12, started saying he would smoke my blaster like a piece of cake. so heres how the arguement goes

12 yr old kid: your piece of crap stands no chance agianst my quad

me: dude i have a 2 stroke ur gonna get smoked for sure!

12 yr old: no i won't! my quad is a 300cc, and i have more parts than u!

me: what do u have then?

12yr old:i have a pro circuit pipe, big bore, hot cams, k&n filter

me: doesn't look like u got a big bore

12 yr old: yeah i do! ur gonna lose anyway

me: well lets find out!

12 yr old kid: bring it!

so i fire my blaster up and start reving the engine, and the kid looks at me in shock,and this do gives us a flag to go, i gave the kid a head start, and i catch up to him really quick,i stay so far ahead of him that i couldn't see him by the time i got to the finish line, finally he arrived at the finish line, all surprised and i go i told u so, and he just flipped me off and tried to drive away but i went after him, popped a wheelie and flipped him off then just kept on riding.

i laughed for a long time at this kid, never ceases to amaze me of how cocky they get
hahaha some funny sh*t there!!!!!! little kids dont know what there talking about these days!!!!!!
WTF why have you sold your banshee?

or is it like when you said you had sold your blaster and you hadn't but just wanted to see what peeps think of the idea??????
yea thats an interesting story, but with that mod list, you cood have smoked him even if he had those mods he "said he had"
ha thats great man. I love the part at the end when u said u poped the wheelie and flipped(flicked) him off,