lmfao! retarded neighbor!!!!!


Mar 26, 2007
lol i go to ride with a friend on MY property about noon, as we are riding until my neighbor gets home i see my neighbor standing and staring at us it think nothing of it until my friend waves at me to stop and he tells me that my neighbor just called me a f$%^ing @$$hole punk i decided to let it slide until he comes to the end of his property and yells at me turn the f$%^ing loud piece of $hit off! i say we don't have too! he yells back yes you do u godamn punk! my brother was driving home from work and he sees me arguing with my neighbor he slams his brakes and goes onto the gravel and gets out and asks me whats going on and i tell my brother whats going on and my brother got REALLY pissed he kept his cool and said to my neighbor saying if u swear at my little brother agian you will be in jail, my neighbor yells yeah but your f$%^ing brother has a loud 4 wheeler and my brother says well we are on our property so its not illegal, my neighbor yells back yes u are i can have my damn peace if i want! my brother says back you better go back inside before i call my friend who is a police officer. just like that the neighbor went inside. my brother tells me keep on riding and if he comes out agian to yell at you let me know. so we keep on riding an dhe stares out his window at us until 5 pm
LOL, thats some funny sh*t. I've had similar experiences and they never get old. It seems when most older people retire or stop working they tend to become nosey and restless so it's no surprise.
ha ha ha give the f**ker of the neighbour some hell!!!! rev it sommmmme mmmmore
I have the same problem with a neighbor who lives behind me comeplaining about the dust and noise. I told him the dust was not have as bad on his lungs as those cigarettes he smokes. Hes really gonna love me when I get about 4 truckloads of dirt and build a track.
you know things like that piss me off. Alot of people around me tell me where we ride there is this old guy who will come out and chase you off. Its not his property but he lives nearby. Now my point is I could be out riding around with my friends and my son having a good time keeping to ourselves, or I could be out burning down his house and causing havoc.. Which one would you choose?
Ive got a crazy story some what like this.

One time way back when, I was riding my blaster (no wait, this story goes back farther) When I was riding my 3 wheeler. My friend and I took off to some local trails. In order to get where we were going we had to cut through some property that had a trail conneting two different gravel roads. My friend on a motorcycle went first. Note, there were no signs posted about keep out. My buddy got through with no problem, then all of a sudden I see this guy running tward me from out of the bushes shome where. He grabs me by the face mask of my helmet, pulles me off of the 3 wheeler cursing at me and shaking me like crazy (from the face mask) I told you f*%$ punks to never come through here.... I said ive never been through here b/f (and that was true) Bull $hit he says I saw you last week. He was so into shaking the crap out of me his oldes son had to pull him off of me.

After getting home and putting some ice on my neck from the vigorous shaking my mom asked what it was for. After telling here the story, she got so pissed and called the cops. Cops were on my side but said there was nothing they could do b/c owners can do anything in there means to remove someone from their property who is trespassing.
he trys to get me in trouble for anything he can find like "you egged my effin house!" you put a bag of dog sh*t on my f$%^ing porch "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" i guess i'm not the only person who hates him.

he once threatened little my cousin i mean really bad! and i was like come on man leave him alone hes only 6, and my neighbor is like shut you f$%^ing mouth! thats when i told my cousin to get on his dirtbike and go get his dad, i stayed there and told my neighbor man what the f*ck is ur problem and hes like you punks always riding and making dust! i'm like you do not own the land and i don't control the damn dust so shut the f$%^ up! thats when my uncle came and said to my neighbor who the f*ck do u think you are threatening my son! my neighbor called my uncles son a bad name striaght to my uncles face thats when my uncle blew up and punched my neighbor he went to the ground got up and said i'm calling the police! my neighbor said go ahead!

we waited outside for the cop to come and i told the cop what the neighbor was saying to ym cousing and the threats he made, then he talked to my uncle, then he talked with my neighbor then he came back up and said the neighbor was tryign to lie about threatening my cousin but finally he admitted to threatening my cousin the cop finnally made his decision and said i understand why you punched him, i have a son about your age and if someone did that to my son i would do the same thing and he let my uncle off with a warning the neighbor got let off to.
well ur neihbors aint like mine they dont say anything they just take action and put up barbed wire traps that almost killed my brother and my blaster (more worried about my brother though)
i once caught my neighbor on my yard tryign to put up a trap so i threw is ass out of my yard swearing and cussing at him. if you get a photo of your neighbor putting up a track you can get him fined.
hahaha i was riding down the powerlines once an this old man in his coveralls an a beard cam running at me with a pitch fork when i was going to cross his drive so i hauled ass spinning an everything up his driveway then he layed a board with like 40 nailes in it coverd with cut grass along side the road where i rode an when i noticed it i ysed a couple pounds of nails an trew all in his driveway nexttime i saw that ahole he had him 4 new tires. I just laughed to myself an stared as i went by.
right on 01BlasterFreak

You and I think alike about nails. Ive done that before. If someone tried the clothesline trick on me that would be the last time they would remember.
wow you people live near some crazies...if my son ever got hurt from something like that my revenge would be worse than anything that person could imagine.
My neighbors are crazy, but in a weird way. I have never seen them mad. Like i'll do a really sh*tty job mowing their lawn and their like "wow great job on the lawn, it really needed to be cut" and then they pay me and I go home. But the weird thing is they always smile. Its kinda scary lol.
lol, each time i go ride to a friends house people try to stop me by jumping in front of them but if they do i hold the front brake and make gravek go flying at them, they never bothered me agian
lol why does that never work for me? if someone jumps infront of me i stop wait for them to come over to me and floor it and spin dirt at them but i try no to go too crazy as if i am nice then they normaly are too