kick starter



my kick starter will not stay on place. it just flaps out. i took it off to look at it and dont see what makes it swing back. is it supposed to have a spring on it.. thanks
o yea im not talking about the cranking part but the folding part. after you kick. it keeps on comming out as i ride which kinda sucks
yeah there is a almost white looking big spring that is supposed to hook up in the top of the crankcase
no it kicks ok its after you kick it it folds into engine. it will not stay in place and opens which hits my leg while im riding
Mine stays in place, there are 3 options, 1, the obvious, tighten it. 2 get a new one. 3 get a place holder, u may need to custom make this(my friend did with an old piece from a recon.
Yes there is a ball and spring supposed to be in there.The spring pushes the ball into a divot letting is stay there.