K&N VS foam filters


Mar 26, 2007
i've had alot of people asking which filter they should get so i decided to do a write up.

alright, here goes
Hold a K&N and a foam filter up to a bright light. You will notice no light comes through the foam but you can see specs of light through the K&N. Now think about how big the holes must be to allow light through. Dirt is even smaller than that so do you want a filter w/a lot of open holes for dirt to pass through or a filter w/a mesh foam style that is a challenge for it to get through? Easy decision. Sure the K&N will provide a little more power, but not enough to offset its downsides.

one bad experiance that i had was when i put a brand new k&n in, followed all the instructions i put it on really tight. So i go and ride withen 2 hours my blaster goes to the sh*tter, so i ride up take the filter off and found tons of dust in my airbox and my carb i honestly think a outerwares is a waste.

hope this helps