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I just registered to blasterforum i have to say pretty helpful site, owning a blaster and all. but i got a big problem. my uncle, the previous owner was downshifting to hard out on the dunes tryin to make it up a hill, and he cracked a giant hole in the bottom of one of the crankcase covers. can anyone tell me about a good website where i can get a good reliable full engine. that i can bolt in and go. im not in no mood to fix up this problem so i went to my second plan buyin a whole new engine. Ive heard blaster were amzing mahines and cant wait to get riding so someone help me out plz.
it would be hard to patch. ill try to get u a picture of the hole
I'll be out of town till tuesday, but I think that I have an engine back at the shop that is for sale. That is unless Kurt sells it before I get back. I could also weld or replace the crankcase if you'ld like.

Let me know if there is any interest.
pittboss try to find that engine for me im tyrin to put pics up but cant find the wire