just installed quadworks now not idleing


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Apr 8, 2007
hey guys i just installed the quadworks jet kit and k and n airfilter

but now the engine wont idle......i messed wit the air screw and have had the idle adjustment all the way in and it still wont idle..

i called quadworks and they said as a last resort get a bigger pilot jet but i figured i would ask you guys first

thanks for the help
All the way in is going to cut off your air. If anything you need to back the screw out. Also try to set the needle on the slide. You should be able to pull the top of the carb and where the throttle cable connects to the needle you should be able to move it down which in turn will hold the slide open a little. Also you could try turning the screw on top of the carb where the throttle cable connects. Turning it out should raise the idle.
Tors removed?

Did you change the idle when you changed the jets? I dont think you should need to.

Unscrew the idle all the way and give it 1/4 turns at a time until it starts. Give it some time inbetween kicks so it doesnt flood.
Ok if you still have the TORS the idle screw is on top the TORS, what you are adjusting is the air/fuel screw. Also adjust the adjustment on the throttle.
yea i have tors but like i said i adjusted the air screw as they suggested 2 turns out. and no matter what setting i have the throttle screw at (on top) the bike wont idle.

Its like i have to give it a tad bit of throttle to start and always have keep revving it in order to keep the engine alive. But the bike runs great and its tuned perfectly. it just seems like theres something that is preventing it to get enough throttle to idle.

I already took the carb apart checking the jets to see if they were blocked.

the only small problem it sometimes has is that because i continuosly rev it, it backfires