Just got a great deal on a couple blasters.


Aug 24, 2007
Just bought these of e bay, I have to go pick them up tomorrow. Its about 350 miles round trip.

First one.
2001 red/black blaster
needs rings
bored .050
milled head
nerf bars
hole shot rear tires
works shocks
fmf gold series power core 2
bars (not sure what brand yet)

1997 blue blaster
rear hole shots
needs engine to be put together, had bad crankshaft

Extras.... rear hole shots on rims, stock front tires on rims. 2 complete bottom ends of the engine. 3 jugs, with heads. rear blue fenders, white front fenders, gas tank. And a box of random parts, sprockets, gears, clutch, and so on. All for only 750$ bucks, I think its a good deal anyway. Ill post some pics when i get the chance.