Im lost, idles fine, bogs down in gear



Alright this thing starts up on the first kick, runs great in neutral and with the clutch held in. BUT as soon as i try to take off in first or second, it gets to a specific RPM/speed and bogs down. It stays running but bogs down like it has a speed limiter. WTF I WANNA RIDE TODAY!!!
Check the jets in your carb make sure there not clogged i had the same prob with mine ended up being dirt in the carb.
it sounds like its not getting fuel, check the petcock, take the hose off open the petcock and see if the gass flows through fast or slow
Sounds like some broken reeds to me. I just fixed a Blaster with this same problem. It'd idle fine but you go to take off and it bogs terribly. It was just a set of broken reeds that I found after taking out the reed cage. I put a set of Boyesen Super Stock reeds in it and now it runs perfect.
ok, i noticed when i took off the carb i started feeling around that hole wehre the reeds are, and i could push them down, my finger went right in the hole so im guessing they are broke???!!! can they just break while out riding? riding fine one minute and sh*tty boggin ass the next?