I got some questions???


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Apr 22, 2007
Im thinkin about getting a blaster and i need to know a few things.What year is best,how does it do in mud,how deep of puddles can it go through,is it good for wheelies,and is it good for jumps:?:
If I were to buy a blaster I would make sure it had hydraulic brakes in the front which I think is 2003 or newer.
They can go in puddles up to the top of the airbox then they start sucking in water.
They are good wheelie quads and jumping quads.
Year: 03+ they have front disks, and look better imo
Puddles: Had mine in water up to the seat. keep the snorkle above water and your fine
Wheelies: Excellent quad for wheelies, short wheelbase, lots of fun!
Jumps: Replace rear shock and your good to go.