I-81 motopark


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Jan 3, 2012
Kingsport, TN
I-81 is a pretty good place to ride there are some circle tracks where you can race or test and tune, they have about 5 different tracks i think only 2 of them are circle tracks. there is a whole lot of trails and mud to go thru around 2800 acres of land all together maybe 3800 i cant remember but its a nice place to ride. 10 bucks to ride all day and free acess to an air compressor if needed, they have a concession stand near the tracks and if you get stuck the owner can pull you out if needed. nice family owned place and a lot of real nice people go up there and ride.
yea its a great place it just gets old when thats the only place you go haha its a lot of fun when you go with a group of people. i went last week and sunk my blasty in a pond on top of a hill, had to drag thething out cause i wasnt walking all the way down the ridge to find help. let it sit and dry off for about thirty minutes and it fired right up, luckily water didnt get in my air box tho i think some may have got in the carb but it ran just fine the rest of the day. i killed it mid jump when i realized i screwed up so i think thats what saved her
about the tracks there, so you acually have to race on them or can u just ride on them???

Nah They Got A Track Thats Normally Cross Rutted All To Hell, And A National Track Free To Practice Ride Goof Off. Or Just Run Your Buddys Around, Pretty Sweet Place, Bunch Of Trails Hard For The Everyday Rider And Simply Site Seeing Trails For The Lil Ones, Owners Are Pretty Kool People You Can Camp They Have Showers And Bathroom Facilties. And For Only 10$ Great Bunch Of Guys and Girls Run It, Its Local To Me, Used To Ride It Quite A Bit When I Raced.