How To Rebuild Your Front Hubs


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May 9, 2007
Ok so I know for most of you this will not aply, since you probablly have the hydro front, or have put on a hydro conversion.

But since I did this procedure the other day, I figured I would post a how too as to make it easier for others. That way you wont run into little snags, as did I.

Simple procedure really, its just a matter of knowing the right tools or should I say sizes of tools.

Start by
1. Remove the front Drums/hubs, and their backing plates from the spindles.

2. take the backing plate off, remove the break shoes/springs as 1 unit by grabing the outside of the shoes and folding them in.

3. Remove the outer seal bushing/spacer by hand then, Use a seal puller or improvise (screw driver) if you dont have a puller. But I always sugest using the right tool for the job. Pull the outter seal (use cardboard/wood or something to butt the puller up against so as your not denting/scratching your hub) and pry the seal out.

4. With a 14mm deep socket and an extension (that isnt your best extension) from the back side pund the front bearing/spacer sleeve out through the front. (this spacer is tapered to sit on the spindle and it pushes the bearing out nicely)

5. With the same 14mm socket and extension set up flip the hub over and pound out the inner bearing.

6. Pry out the inner seal (which is on the backing plate) with your seal puller.

7. clean the hubs/backing plate inside and out.

8. put your new bearings in the freezer for 20min. CAUTION do not spin the bearings once they come out of the freezer. Then always save the old bearings to use too drive in the new bearings.

9. Lube the new bearings with some wheel bearing grease, dont need much.

10. Your new bearings, after frozen and lubed should slide/drop in nicely. If they dont use thoes old bearings as drivers and pound them in, until you hear a nice thud.

11. Replace your break shoes if needed.

12. reassemble your hubs and place them back on the spindles.

thats it, now repeat this on the other side.
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