How old are all you blaster owners out there..



Like the topic states..How old are all you guys? Blasters are generally made for younger biginner riders..but it seems like there is a fair share of older blaster riders\owners.. Im just curious..

Im 23..
im 17, ive had my blaster for about a year now. i got rid of my old lt250 and got my blaster from a friend that had broken it in.
im 19 and it is my second quad but i have owned a street bike for a while untill i moved up here to canada

I'm 42 and she sits just fine for me and a great starter for my kid. I've rolled down more than one hill with one of these and dislike that plenty. A bigger one would only get me in trouble.

im 15, this blaster is the first quad ive payed for, i my dad and uncle has had 12 more
I'm 18 i have owned more quads, trikes, an dirtbikes then i can count on all my fingers an toes. Lol I currently have no quad or dirtbike or trike but im about to start building another blaster like the last one i built.
What are the regs at chAttsworth. I was tryin to see what I have to have or should have done to go ride there but I couldn't get through w/ the phone and the site wasn't too helpful
either of you 2 jersey guys goin 2 atco for the last race, or practice friday the 23? i should be there
I'm 23, i currently own - 400ex, Blaster, Drag Banshee, YZ 250 dirtbike, and my 250r and i just recently sold my 50F dirtbike, and last year i sold my 250r i grew up on a Yamaha Big 4 lol.... then i moved to a 250r (which i still have, i had 2, and i sold one) then i moved to a banshee, and i never got rid of anything until rescently cuz i needed space in my garage... because i have my Maserati Spyder, and my truck, and my yeah i needed room
I'm 29 and nearing the end of my roarin' twenties. I have actually spent the last few years cleaning up my collection of toys. In Cleaning I have decided to make smarter purchases and one of the more recent was a '90 Blaster. It's was one of my first toys and still a favorite.

My father was told the most accurate thing about a Blaster when I went to purchase my first at the tender age of 14. "Well . . . it is just fast enough to kill ya." It was a great beginner quad. But a better recreational quad. It will run with alot bigger quad and it is as reliable, inexpensive as my CR125.

The Blasters are great quads and I rate the high in my experience with atv's and dirtbikes.
i am 34 and its my 17 quad and 6 motocross and 5 street bike but i always come back to thats little blaster,wath can i say its just a blast!!!