How many people love gaming?



How many of you guys are gamers? I like halo alot and also any kind of racing game. What about you guys?
I play some... Mostly guitar hero II lol.
Source all the way, im addicted... and have been since counterstrike 1.3 Add me to your friends list ZxAlucard6r
yup i am a hradcore gamer :) i play all games and own in them i play soccer games football games all FPS games MMO's...

the best games i play is first counter strike 1.6 (my team 2nd best where i live)

and super smash brothers melee
my personal opinion is that off road fury 2 is better than the origianl. Yeah I have tons of video hours, at least 2 hours a day...Love SOCOM....
i would say im somewhat of a gamer.....i love madden and far the 2 best games ever......and gta is ok
I figured out about blasters from gaming.Their on atv quad power racing2.I dont play games much anymore though
WAKING UP a dead post lol.. I like to play Mario Kart wii, and Super Mario Bros.wii with the kids, and NHL2K10 on the wii but the pic of the ugly Ovechkin on the cover of the NHL2K10 box frightens my