hmmm...something aint right



this is something i have never heard b4 but hopefully someone on here has, i was riding my cuz's blaster, he has ebc clutch kit and all that jazz but yea. i was sitting at idle talking, well he told me to put it in neutral and let the clutch out, i did that and it was making an odd noise i have never heard b4. when u pull the clutch in, it stops but wen u let it out, it starts again, its not very loud and u have to listen. is this normal or did he make an error with the clutch install
btw it is a 97 blaster
we need to know more. Like what kind of sound? Where is the sound coming from if you can tell.
coming from the right side of the case, from the clutch, its like a rattling sound, like a bunch of metal shifting, its hard to make out