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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
I Think this site needs a mean and fast paced where it is white... and red where the blue stuff is.... white lettering.... neon green links? i think it looks kinda lame like this (i was just wondering...cuz..ive been here 4 a while..and ive brought it up once b4..but i never got any feedback from cochise) if he doesnt notice this time, imma pm him..but...i wanted to know what every1 else thought of the idea, or maybe some input? of what they would like if cochise doesn't read this all, imma pm it to him, and incase som peepz dont agree... i could make some changes to my idea to send him if he doesn't notice this post... but WHAT DOES EVERY1 THINK OF A NEW LOOK FOR BF?
damn it cochise lmao, why dont you ever look when ur supposed to.....

ill make a poll soon on schemes since mr chise wont look ffs :)