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Jul 5, 2007
im like jmoney i never did my intro,

hey my name is malcolm im 13 years old i have the slowest blaster on here and i want to mx it like blasterfreak did his
You need to bring it down here so we can play on the mx track, you don't live that far from me.

I might come up there an ride with you in like 2 weeks.
Hey malcom sweet well were all really happy you joined. Now get the hell out, jp.
Wow the fact that you guys actually posted that I'm not new makes me wonder, how much free time do you have? lolI'm in can cun for the next week, I'm not ditching the site I'm just gone
Lmao, i live 2 minutes from boydton, VA or (2 miles) i cross the VA line everyday when i ride my quad to my friends house.