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Apr 22, 2007
I dont have a blaster yet but ive always wanted one.Ive heard alot alot of different opinions on them but I still want one.I got 2 questions how fast are they and are they good jumpers???
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Blasters are fast for there quad class. A stock blaster will do around 53-55 mph. Over all a blaster is a great starter quad.

What kinda jumps are you talking? Like mx?
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
What kind of riding do you plan on doing?
like just trail riding nothing special.im like 5'7 and like 150 pounds.i dont plan on hitting any realy big jumps but i dont wanna look like a pansy either
Assuming there is an equal skilled rider on each quad. The predator no and the trx250 is been known to be pretty quick as well. Both those quads are significantly more than a blaster as well. With the right mods and setup on your blaster you can hang with the other stock quads.
what are the best things can buy to speed it up? and what are the most frequent problems?

To speed up the blaster here are a few things you could do.
Port and polish
Milled head
Aftermarket Piston
New tires
Race gas (only with certain mods)
Suspension is always very helpful unless your talking about straightline speed.

Frequent problems hrmmm....
Most of the problems are caused my lack of maintanance. But here are a few I can think of.
Reeds cracking
Oil injection Failing
Fouling plugs (when not jetted properly)
Alright, if you think of anything else let us know. If you live you do any long rides (im guessing maybe you do becuase your in alaska) then I would reccomend and oversized fuel tank as well.
you can service it your self very easily... i service my own quad its extremely easy
And by "new tires," I think we mean the tires that aren't rounded on the edges, but tires that have the "flat" look. The picture below shows what I mean: (see back tires)

Its hard to say what a tank of gas will get you mileage wise. But it should last 3 hours or so with regular riding. It also depends on your mods.
My tank of gas (only exhaust and airbox mod) lasts a weekend of hard riding, 3-4 hours a day, times 2.
one of the most pain in the ass things for a blaster are the rear brakes, over time they work but then they just wear out. oh over 90% of the time the front breaks are used, i would reccomend getting aftermarket rear brakes.