Here's Where We Ride...


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Apr 1, 2007
Finally got some video of a few places we ride at...
We went out on my brother's 400EX w/ a Jardine muffler.
My bro is riding and I am recording.

Couldn't go into the rock quarry because they were working :(

sh*t! I just found out that the damn video isn't working -- it only shows 2 secs of it. F**K.
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Yes that was a jump. I wish that video would work, man. It is supposed to be about 4 minutes and it's loaded with sweet clips from jumping that road at diff angles to doing non-stop donuts and wheelies on the road and in the fields. It also has a shot of the rock quarry and a ride through the woods on the trails. Something went wrong somewhere.

... AND that Jardine muffler sounds SWEET!