here is my first quad!!



Always wanted one!!!
c'gratz!, ur pipe is rusty though (ah, u can clean that off easy)
what year is the blaster?
(i wanna take a guess...hmm.... 2000? or 2001?)
idk but yeah, hope you have fun man!
blasters are amazing :D
the previous owners abused this really good i think its a 1993 with newer plastics but i dont have a title so i have to run the vin. all the other owners had their own ideas of customizing?? the frame has 3 diff. colors orange blue and silver??? i will make it look nice again!!!!
Dg pipes don't suck. Their just not the best, personally i prefer them over the fmf fatty/power core 2. Do you have the pipe and silencer or just silencer?
That is cool that you got a blaster I got mine when I was 13 and been trying to beef it up ever since. By the way Slash rocks!
it still looks better than my blaster did when i first had was sea green with orange rear shock, yellow front shocks, and purple was a sh*t hole