HELP with oil capacity



what is the tranny oil capacity on the blaster. i cant see through the little glass window on the side of the bike and i need to change the oil.
Why can't you see through it? it's prob filled up above the glass with black oil an when you drain it you will see in it again. the blaster don't even take a court of oil.
Id reccoment Amsoil transoil. and I belive its more like 3/4 a quart. But just look on the clutch cover it tells you how much oil it takes.
660 cc use your ratio rite cup measure out 660 cc and pour it in . the amount is listed on you case above the filler plug
i run a full quart of oil in mine to keep the push rod in the clutch lubricated. i was told it is always better to overfill a blaster rather than have to little.