help me out!



hey i was j/w what everyone thinks would be a good gearing for me? thinking a 14/38...anyone else have some suggestions for me?
hey.. never really understood what change the gearing meant? i know it may sound stupid but does it mean that you make the ratios of each gear less?

or just changing the sprocket sizes?

and how much does it cost to do it
that would be ur sprocket.....their not to bad if u get on ebay....not sure about the local dealerships though
whats stock? i have not counted mine, but to be honest, with 21" on it, i like the gearing.
i'm going to go to 14/38 gearing possibly even grind my case a lil an slap a 15 on it an it willl be 15/38
i heard if u go too much on the gears.. can hurt ur tanny
When you change your gear ratio your making you rear tires turn faster, your trans is still turning at the same speed it was when you had your other gearing