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Aug 18, 2007
Yea so i bought this used blaster for 575 ( i didn't expect much) and well i got what i expected, a mouse got into the filter and carburetor and such and had a field day so i took all that apart bought new gaskets, a new piston, new rings on the piston( the guy i bought it from originally said that the only thing wrong was the rings on the piston... theres a list of what is wrong and its pretty hefty. anyway so we got everything on and attempted to start it, after like 5 minutes of kicking and giving gas i finally gave it a little gas and it started. it was very brief and noisy ( only had the exhaust on but not the muffler) and then got it again and so i took off, the clutch was fine and the gears worked but we found out that the rear brake cable seized so removed that, got it running and moving it was awesome but now it wont start.. and the spark plug when removed is full of gas/oil is that right?? my first 2 stroke anything.. and i dont know much about motors, having a friend help me rebuild the carburetor when the new rebuild kit comes.. hopefully that might solve the problem.. anyone have suggestions like the reed is fine but i don't know if the float valve is sticking open cuz it was sitting in a garage for like a year. any suggestions would help if nothing does it ill have to take it to full throttle next week... which i dont wanna do till last because i dont wanna put like over $1000 into it although it might come to that.( and yes i had the right mixture of gas and oil 1 gallon gas to 1 bottle of oil says it right on the tiny 2 stroke oil bottle aka 50:1)

there does seem to be a leak coming from around where the exhaust hooks to the head but thats prolly cuz its flooded, also it does not seem to idle very long
Where do you live at? the full throttle here in NC is sh*tty took them 7 weeks just to test an put a new stator coil on my warrior. The plug should be dry an brown, not black an wet that means it's running rich. Put a new plug in it you prob fouled that plug.
i live in PA and i got most of my parts from the full throttle here and he honed my cylindor for free i tried changing spark plugs and it didnt start i could feel th compression but im gonna try cleaning my carb first and also ill try buying brand new spark plugs as well cuz when i bought it it came with like 5 plugs but i dont trust the dude so im gonna get new plugs like tommorrow
Alright, deff clean your carb again could of had some dirt in the carb, make sure it's gettin gas an the float isn't stuck closed.
i think 50:1 was rich so i tried about 70:1 ( after draining the remaining fuel out of the tank ofcourse) i changed around the spark plugs but i dont think they are the greatest, and we got it to start twice. any recommended fuel mixtures for like 2mm overbore with new wieseco piston??? cuz we thought running it a little rich might help but it seems to have backfired so.. what might be a decent ratio??
NO NO NOOOOOOO big time no man!!!!! do not go to 70:1 drain that gas!!!!!!

never go over 50:1 if anything you want to run 40:1 or 50:1 32:1 is to rich for me it takes to long to clear out an get onto the pipe, if its boggish like seems like it's running rich don't change you oil/fuel ratio rejet your carb or lower your needle.
Also if you have rebuilt your motor it's still tight man, it's not gonna feel very strong till after you break it in.
i only got a new piston.... not a new motor.. and what is the "tight" you are talking about?
ok well i replaced the spark plug with a new one drained all the fuel and put back in the 50:1 ratio ( didnt do anything to the carb) when i kick started it there was just this loud POp that came from the muffler which told me.. a backfire so i kinda stopped and im just waiting for my carb rebuild kit to get here.
If its "popping", then your running your quad to rich. Try using a 32:1 oil ratio when mixing your gas.

What Blasterfreak is reffering to when he says your motor is tight, he means the motor isn't worn(loose) so everything when rebuilt is actually tight. The fresh Piston rings on the walls of the jug in particular.
i had an 05 blaster that did the same thing, it would backfire everytime i tried kicking it so i pull started it behind a truck an it fired up an i rode it around Lol

Pull it behind a truck an clutch start it in 6th gear or 5th an see if it fires up.

Yea you might have to get a smaller main jet.
wait what you mean by too rich?? too much gas or oil cuz im running it at like 50:1.....
im just gonna wait till the rebuild kit comes and rejet it.... i tried the rolling 5th gear start and i could here it but it would kick over so when i rebuild carb im gonna also change spark plugs,
last i saw it actually run is when i had MY carb in.. my freind swapped it out for his.. and well it really hasnt worked and he already took mine apart so in order to get it back together i need the kit anyway so yea...
tommorrow i will have it rejeted and tell of what happens if it works i will prolly like close this thread or whatever and thanks for the help everyone
my freind broke the damn f*cking wires that connect right by the carburetor and i dont htink its getting a good connection it hasnt backfired or even tried to start.. so.. yea im pissed.. taking it to full throttle in PA, closest palce and they open pretty late to see if they can do anything
thanks for your help guys, the guy said sometime next week i should go check it out like tues night or wednesday he'll prolly ahve it dont looking at it i think it might have to do with the spark plug cap.... hopefully it wont be too hefty of a fix..