about to be a blaster owner. My friend and I are going to pick up my 96 blaster today...I got it for $450, the frame has normal wear and tear (but i am cleaning it up and repainting) the engine is apart but all the pieces are there and the kid said it would need a hone and new piston rings and the piston was in ok shape, so i might just bore it out to the next size up and get a new piston. so do you think i got a good deal?
thanks for the heads up on that, my friend and I were just looking at that the other day. Seems like an excellent deal.
Hey you should talk them down...

I just got my blaster for 300, and the only thing ive needed to put on it are a new clutch cable, rear brake cable, and tires.... Hell i rode the thing to my van when i bought it
i got it and talked him down to $430 but even then I def ended up paying more than it was worth :-| now when said engine apart, i thought a couple of peices, nope the idiot before him took it all apart because he thought he had a bad crank but that was fine....the cylinder has a pretty good size scratch in it and I dont think i will be able to fix that with a bore so I probably just going to hunt down a running engine..and a bent steering stem that was cover with the front plastic and didnt notice til we got home....the rest just needs alot of TLC but i have alot of free time and love to give it.
Man I got my blaster for $300. I like to hear all these stories about people getting them so cheap. But mine is a 2001 so I got a great deal. BTW welcome to the forum.
yea its pretty much a live and learn deal, but i really want to build it up and have a nice little quad to take in my trails...the old lt80 is too small and slow for me

Definitely a good deal. I would go ahead with the bore and new piston, who knows what the compression will be like with the stock pieces.


I just had them ^ do my bore and send me the new piston and parts. Excellent work and fast turn around all for one nice package price. Highly recommended!

Thats a great deal. They are local for me too, and i never knew about them.
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