head light black out

Headlight black out? what are you talking about? to be honest i've no clue what your talking about. Please explain.
does this help basicly u black out thr head light with paint or plastic or fabric so u can't see the head light it just looks black I:II:I


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in the uk there is no such thing as walmart and i have blacked it out now anyway but if it gets dark i my light still works and i can take the black fabric out in 1 sec lol
Fabric? what? Ive seen headlights on cars blacked out b/f. Its a special paint maid for it and the headlight will shine right through the paint and be fine at night.

As for fabric, how is that done? and how does it work.

I wouldnt do it on a quad, but thats just me. If you like it, rock it.
what they do for cars is they paint it they put alot of clear the more clear the lighter the black
I just took out my headligh. next I'll be putting in a grate for all of the holes in the plastics. Go to PB and check theirs out. But I don't like this "blackout" idea. It just seems idk....not cool

Since were in this headlight post anyways...do you think that a grate would be OK or should I put it over the light?
well, it will block out most of the light if you put a grate i don't see why the hell would someone put a grate in the headlight spot if you are going to put the head light back in, if u want to put a grate in do it, if u need yuor head lights for riding int he dark you can always custom mount it
they sell blacked out lenses for blasters i have seen them on ebay