got my +3 swingarm!

Re: got my 3 swingarm!


also, its not crooked, its a bad picture angle, both sides measured the same exact length from the same pioints

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prolly gonna start mounting it up tonite, i have another 520 o ring chain in the garage, is it ok to use 2 master links and peice it together?
3/8 long socket extension and some careful hammering will slide it right out. can even use the extension to hold the swingarm in place and roll the bike around the shop.
impact gun ftmfw, also, thats only half the battle, wait till u try and get the bolt out

slid out nicely, ended up using a breaker bar, the dang impact couldn't even get it, hahahaha, its on now, i'll upload a pic, i'm jus gonna wait and get a banshee chain and a brakeline tho, so the blasty may be down for a week or 2 :(

buttttt on a lighter note, this may have sparked my interest in blastys again and convinced me to keep my blaster and build it up, hehehe, i have some sick ideas
pics!!! and my swinger/engine bolt wasnt hard to get out really but when it was out i put some engine oil on it so it would be like that the next time i took it out.