I run the same type swing arm. Pretty good deal. If your bike is older than a 2003 you can use a banshee or warrior carrier and convert to hydraulic brakes. Also if your bike is older than a 03 you need a banshee, warrior, or 03+ brake disk hub to mount that axle. Unless that is not the actual picture and just an imatation. the older style blaster axle uses a ring that fits right up next to the carrier and the new style uses the brake hub to press up against the carrier. Let me know how that works removing the engine to get the bolt out.
That bolt is coming out, one way or another. My dad is a welder and we are taking it to his shop on saterday. Hopefully things wont get heated. I have an 06 blaster and i am surprised of this trouble. I will let you know how everything goes though. thanks a lot for your advice.