fresh top end seems to have tooo much piston noise



hello ....just got my 05 blaster re-built and bored .20 over it seems to run fine but the head makes a noise kinda like a playing card stuck in someones bicycle spokes. when i rev it up the noise dissapears and returns as the motor winds down. you can also hear it at idle should i be concerned?
are all the rubber spacers back on the cylinder like before you rebuilt top end? if they are some missing it will definietely make funny sounds.
The thing I would look at is even though it has just been bored, what clearance was it honed to? The sound that you might be hearing is piston slap. Does it have a stock crank?
pittboss, im glad you brought up about the crank...i was gunna say, i dont suggest people screwing with cranks unless you realllly know what you are doing.....cuz it is a pain in the ass, and causes many a problem..