First bunch of parts together..


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Oct 29, 2007
I tweaked in the old parts motor and assembled the ride. I weigh in at just shy of #200 and my son is about #75. I chucked him up on the gas tank for a run down the street. She will pull the front wheels up in third with almost #300 on her and more than enough throttle left to chuck us on the ground. Not bad.

Fat boys can fly, too!!!I:I


I dig safety, but sh*t gang, a little bad influence is fine, too.

No throttle digs until I get gear.

I have rolled with these dam thing several times. Worst one was a foot peg in the kidney while rolling down a hill. Man that sucked. I don't mind coming loose, I just hate when she follows and eats you.

dude.... bad influence is very good lol..but skid plate for brain is even better... and yeah...following and eating isn't fun...

ONCE AGAIN I LOVE HOW YOU PUT THINGS!!!!!! "but sh*t gang"
Yeah helmets you gotta have. The rest of the riding gear is unnecessary, but you have to wear a helmet, especially the kid.
hehehe... brain in is good...but

sh*t GANG...
imsorry, but i love that..

and yeah..we cant make u, but its a pretty damn good idea to wear it (especially the kid, cuz our heads get harder as we get older :p) more ways than 1..

So what does it means when she calls me "sh*t for brains"?

Hmmmm, sh*t in a helmet...

Dump bucket instead of brain bucket, maybe?

Women ar so confusing.

I figure it's for the boy, set a good example. Then get me to sign off on some life ins. Then by some race gas tell me to have a good weekend and hide MY helmet.

I get it now!!!!=))

lol i get called sh*t for brains all the time

but its kinda true most of the time :p

ah, dump bucket..hahaaha

yay for oldfarts1st!! for his amazing wording skills :D