Finally Running!


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Apr 12, 2007
Im very happy to report that my blaster is finally running. It still needs to be tuned a bit but its running now. After cleaning the carbs and all that stuff I thought it would run but it didnt. So today I decided what the heck. I pulled it behind a truck and pulled until it fired up. I rode it around hard for about 10 minutes to clean all the gunk out from anywhere. Its freakin fast guys. There are some problems though. Its all or nothing with the throttle. Its like the reeds are opening as soon as you hit the gas a tiny bit. I know it needs to be jetted. It doesnt idle. The front brakes suck. The clutch needs to be adjusted. But its running and fast so im happy!!! :p
Ya I took off the back brake because it locked up and I couldnt fix it. So now im going to mess with the front ones and get that working right so I can stop well. You guys think the jetting and tuning will help my little throttle problem or is it the reeds or what?
Jetting will without a doubt fix your problems. Assuming you have good spark and compression. Get a sig up with your mods and we can help you with where you should start with jetting. Typical pipe-filter mods require around a 260-300.

Good job on getting it running.
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Well its bored .70 over, full FMF exhaust, filter and airbox lid removed, aftermarket piston, and thats all we know really. Im taking it apart tommaro and cleaning the reeds and checking everything in the motor.
Ok thanks we will hopefully have it all working great by the end of the week. I need a new rear brake and the spring for the kick starter lol. Thanks for the help guys.
where would anybody get help about there blasters if there wasn't a forum like this its all thanks to you.
I've got a rear hydraulic caliper with pads an mounting bracket came off a 05 blaster worked great pads still good, get any lines an master cylinder of anybike an hook them right up, i'm drag racing my bike so i have no need for the extra weight if your interested PM me or get back with me on here i do have pics, an it's nice to hear it's running i'm running a 250 main jet with the clip on the needle middle position with the mods listed below you mght need a 280