Factory 7 pipe

Jul 5, 2007
i went on a spending spree i have ordered i f7 pipe, nerfs, kill switch, new reeds, uni airfilter and a new airbox lid i think its called a outwhere lid or something like that lol i would of got more but the shiping for the pipe to th uk was just silly think it was like $200 lol :">

will i be pleased with my new pipe i do a bit of everything mx, trails and flooring it lol
You will be happy with the f7. its one of the better blaster pipes out there. it is the same as the CT racing pipe and silencer.
Yeah f7 pipes are great. Make sure to jet after doing that stuff. 200$ for shipping? Ouch, those nerfs must be killing you to.
haha yep i will jet it and i had to get the nerfs and kill switch cus in the uk you can't go on a public track without them and i am going to a track with some mates and a few pro uk riders in a few weeks so had to get them hehe
also what jet should i be running my quad is all stock apart from the pipe cus the other things are a christmas present and have to wait to put them on
dyno jet is a ripp-off,regular jet are like 3$each ,pilote jet is like 6$ and needle like 15$ ,and go at least 4 size bigger of wath you got in nowfor the main ,and go 1 size bigger on the pilote , and do a plug check , you will probabely be a tad rich but its better to be rich than lean!!!
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