Exhaust System


Jimkatz Blaster

Can someone please tell me which exhaust will give me the most power and speed and also tell which one is faster out of FMF Powercore 2 or FMF Turbinecore 2.
The spark arrestor helps with sound and smoke I think.
i agree that lrd does mericles. I just bought my blaster in april and it is my first quad. my buddy has had his blaster since 02 and he has an fmf pipe. When we raced yesterday i beat him and i weigh 100 lbs. more than him

both blasters have same mods exhaust, reeds, open air box lid
Where can the LRD exhuast be bought brand new? I was looking on trenga racing and it says since they do not make them anymore they dont sell them.. I am looking t get an LRD pipe in the near future and just would like to know where i pick one up..
Yes trenga sells them, what they are saying about the LRD is that they do not make the original adjustable power band pipes anymore.

look at the very last pipe on trengas web site thats the pipe LRD has now (non adjustable)

and alot of other places sell the LRD also, I think www.projectblaster.com has one that they sell.
I need a silent exhaust system but want more power than my DG-pipe with stock muffler can give me. I can't ride with a loud cryin' Blaster through our citys.

-Can I built the LRD muffler more quiet or does the pipe make the most noice?

-How loud is the LRD?

-Is it nearly as loud as my blaster without the muffler, just with the DG-pipe?
lol, I am sure its not as loud as your DG with no muffler on. But you will need the muffler/silencer as we call them.

My LRD on my other blaster read 96 decibles. Too loud for the Oregon dunes so I had to repack the silencer and that brought it back below 93 db.
NO, and my other blaster as to which I was refering to doesnt have very many mods.

It was louder than required b/c I needed to repack the silencer.

P.s. Ive heard both DG and LRD. LRD sounds louder to the human ear, and Ive had the LRD tested, never the DG though.

Smart ass.