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Apr 7, 2022
I figured it was about time I said hi. This site has been such a great help these last 2 years. I picked up my 03 3 weeks before the lockdowns started 2 years ago. Engine was shot, clearly poorly maintained. Counter balancer bearing failed and the balancer knocked a silver dollar size hole in the case on the crank side.

So I did the right thing and took the bike inside and disassembled it...in my living room. Split and stripped the cases and replaced every internal part except the transmission.

Engine now has toroidal re-cut head, new cylinder + Namura piston , Ken O'Connor clutch basket mod with HD clutch/springs, full trail port with Boyesen secondary ports. Ported stock carb to 28mm, carbon fiber reeds, FMF Fatty gold into modded stock muffler, timing +2 deg., homemade metal base gasket and I also removed 50% of the counter balancer material(half the mass).

Front end +2" spacers each side with flipped rims, 06 TRX 450ER shocks.

Rear end has TRX 450ER ELKA rear shock with remote reservoir, stock axel/hubs with 2" spacers + 1" 4x110 adaptor each side with TRX 450ER rims.

TRX 450ER Houser fat bars and risers.

Incredible trail quad. Very surprised at the power I was able to squeeze out of the stock bore/stroke.

I've owned a lot of quads but by far this is the funnest, nastiest trail machine I've owned.

So again, thank you to all who share knowledge on here. You've all contributed to this quad without knowing.


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Nice looking machine.

We have at least one thing in common, I too lost a case half from a blown counter balance bearing. Or did the gear blow out first ? :confused::D
Curious , when you say recut head is it just milled or actually rechambered?
Hey buddy! Thanks man... Appreciate the kind words. No the bearing was so gone the balancer actually hit the case. I kept all the old bearings from the cases they where so bad LOL

The head is re-chambered. 50% squish, 11 degrees, I forget the exact cc's. It's basically a Ken O'Connor Toroidal head. Same measurements. Best f*cking bang for your money. Hands down.

You can get a hemi head too but that more of a top end head re-chamber. My Blaster is a trail bike so all the mods are more mid-range oriented.

The new head, porting and Boyesen secondary ports are absolutely the best thing for Blasters imo.