i just got a 20 gift cetificate fro rocky mountain atv only works for orders $150 or more.

i want lrd exhaust are vforce 3 reeds hard to put on does lrd exhaust comes with jetting does reeds come with also
Reeds are easy. I think theres even a diy on it already. I don't think v-force reeds or lrd come with jets. But i could be wrong as I've never bought either of them.
i wish i had money like yall do

but when its time to put another piston in it im gonna get a bigger one will that increase power and wat is an ajustable stator how much do they cost
should i get some tires first u think i could 4 holeshots from off of ebay for $100
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I just got rear kenda klaw MX tires for my quad and they are the shiiiiiiiiiiit! cost like $105 shiped from RMATV
i have a LRD pipe and v force reeds...they work really well....the LRD pipe dont come with a jet kit...
If you have the stock tires still . . . yeah. I can't remember which project site wrote it. but an amatuer rider improved his lap times by 8 seconds with mx tires. Your blaster will be easier to slide and more fun to ride. I like the Klaws but Holeshots are great tires also.

take it slow bud. remove your tors, get mx styled tires, remove your airbox lid, get a uni filter, get a port/polish, vforce reeds, flip your front rims, full exhaust. Any one of these will wake your blaster up. Just remember to rejet with any intake/ motor/ exhaust mod.

I would get the tors removed(free), put on new shoes($100), filter / remove lid ($20), rejet ($3-$10). Ride the biotch till ya get enough for a pipe. the trees will be a blur in no time.

A bunch of gas and oil, some ice and beer....

I can damn near drink half that in a weekend and gas and oil will eat the rest.=))

Like everything else it has its drawn-backs. I can put extra sress on your ball joints and spindles by putttin the majority of the rim on the out side. Think of the original Daytons for lowriders. If too much tire/wheel leverages against its supports it will eventually damage the spindles.

But if you are looking for cheap mods, it is gold till you can afford a set of +3+1.