engine problems



just got my head back and i got it running and its like it dont want to go
i got a new set of reeds but they were the wrong size so i kept the stock in
and it runs but when i wanna take off its like its flooding itself after ahwile it starts to gain power and i shift and im moving like 2 mph i re jetted it and it got better then it starts to act up would the reeds have anything to do with it one corner is cracked and has a hole in it pls healp

thanks phil
ok i got replacement reeds yesterday boyesen reeds but they dont fit on my reedcage the ones i got are super stock the bolt pattern is diffrent im returning them today my reed cage has a 3 bolt pattern n i donno if itl be the power reeds or the pro ones that will fit
So your cage has a 3 bolt holes? if so then disregard the PM i answered, what kind of cage do you got? boyesen or V force cage? if either one of those get there replacement reeds.
i know its not v force because id prolly not b crying lol could be boyesen im finding out this afternoon