easy to put tires on?

there is a machine that can do that with ease...its an Automatic Tire Changer....could u get access to one?

here's a pic of one

They sell a bead breaker for $80ish. Breaking the bead is the hard part. then its just like doing a bicycle tire. Just be careful not to bend the lip of the rims...
Ive also heard that If you put a 2x4 on the tire and close but not on the rim (where the bead sits) jump on the 2x4 and the other side of the tire at the same time. I dont know though Ive never tried this.

if you do try it be careful, Im not responsible if ya crack your noggin.
its pretty easy but 2 people helping you put it on makes it alot easier

spray the rim and tire with windex and/or dish soap

1 set tire down flat
2 set rim on top of tire
3. press to get one side of the rim in the tire
4. flip tire over
5. (this is where other ppl come in handy) slowly work way around tire pressing side into rim, having the others hold the tire as you work around so it wont pop back up

i did this with my rear tires, it took longer to take the old ones off then it did to put the new ones on

to take the old ones off, cut all the tire off that you can with a razor blade
get a flat head screw driver and slip it under the wires at the bead and pry upward to snap them

or, you can take it to a vehicle repair shop and most of them have tire changers
they charge like $10 or so for car tires anyways

hope this helps