Clutch problem



my banshee has a problem with the clutch and was wondering how hard is it to repair. Heres the scoop. The ring gear behind the clutch basket has some how tore down the teeth. What would be the best way to approach this problem with finding a full clutch kit with the ring gear. Thanks for any advice.
I own a blaster to. Just wanted to get a couple of opinions thanks anyways. nice bike though looks good.
yea I did the same, but then thought as long as I put lol and a happy face it would be less ass ish. I still would have tried to help, even though I know very little about the shee.

but anyway, I was just foolin. Glad he took it well and figured out the prob.

thanks for the props sheepet.
NP. but Actually you might be able to help me with a little problem I have with the blaster 2001. I have replaced the clutch cover 2 times do to a problem with the kick starter it recoils back and smacks the cover no matter where I set it. its kinda like it tries to fire up half way thru the kick. any advice thanks in advance.
Wierd, Ive never come accros this.

Im kind of confused to what your saying though. so midway through the kick (of you trying to start it) it will give you force back as in its trying to go back to its resting state?
you hit the nail on the head:) before I am totally through a full kick. The motor tries to start in return forces the kick start in to the bottom of my foot like a hammer. I promise 2 kicks quit. So i have resorted to push starting.
The drive gear is not disengaging. Its hard to explain because I dont' know the name of all the parts. Just take off the clutch cover and inspect the kick started assembly. Make sure the spring is in the right place and putting tention on it so it will return and disengage the kick starter.Just take off the spark plug wire make sure the kill switch is on and take a couple seconds pushing the lever down while the cover is off so you can see whats going on in there. You should be able to see if something is not right.
Deff make sure the spring is on there right, sounds like someone wound the spring up to tight or something along those lines, also check the compression it might be a shaved head.
I dont think you will be able to kick it over without the clutch cover on without kicking the spring out of its hole. Maybe though, give it a try but be carful.

But yea it deff. sounds like its not disengaging.