Cheap ways to get power?

Power isnt ever cheap. Try getting an exhaust, filter, reeds, and other basic mods.
Ya he is right you need to spend money to go fast. What mods have you done already?
wut do u think the first thing i should do to mine its either factory 7 exhaust,k&n air filter, jet kit, or a 3 reed valve system
I would go with the exhaust and filter first. Get them together and you will be finished making your Blaster breathe easier. You will also need the jet kit. Then go for the reed system and other mods like that. Go with the basics first because the other mods like the reed system give you a lot more power if you have the other things installed first.
Ok thanks guys. I will probably do the exhaust and filter first.
I would say that the Toomey B1 kit would be great for you as it comes with an airfilter, jetting kit, and pipe/silencer. This pipe will also grow with your modifications (but it is not the best pipe for a big bore engine from what I have read).