Changing my shocks


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Apr 8, 2007
Hey guys Im buying a 250R rear shock from my blaster for around 65 bucks

I am also buying banshee front shocks for around 70 bucks

Are these appropriate prices?

Im I going to have a lot of problems with the 250R shock? I have heard that they need the mounts bored out, that they are a bit longer and make the quad sit up higher, and that i would need to get it rebuilt.
Has anyone used one of these?

Also how much better are the banshee fronts? Are they adjustable? Do i need to do any modifications for the banshee shocks to fit?
you have to cut a chunck out of the air box to clear the rezi, otherwise you can mount it upside down. also, you need (or should have a least) a spacer for the bottom mount.
To me, it's fairly pointless because it's only prone to encounter more problems. By this I mean that aftermarket shocks that aren't designed for your Blaster ATV are not going to suit it as did the OEM shocks. There will probably be more servicing required. Do as you wish though. I am just giving my own perspective. I am not against it, I am just saying be sure you want to do it before you do it :)
The front really dont the same amount of attention, but I would argue the rear definitely does!

I bottom my rear out on jumps and hard trail riding constantly (not big jumps either). The 400ex shock is an excellent upgrade for a agressive/larger rider, and is much cheaper than the aftermarket alternative. as far as service goes, once it's in there, it's no different or less relaible than the stocker.

Just my .02
alright sounds good......i think im going to get banshee fronts just to try, easy to sell em if i dont like them, and i will get the 400ex shock as well for sure! What kind of spacer do i need tho?
well, the 400ex shock has a mounting bracket with two plates and through them bopth for the bolt.

The problem is they are a litte weak. I'm not sure about width, but i know the middle is the weak link. just cut a spacer from a piece of pipe, or use a bunch of washers.
I would say just about anything should be better than stock blaster shocks. Shee 400ex or 250r. The blaster shocks are so small they bottom out if you come down from more than 6 inches if you are a normal size adult.
alot of blaster buffs around here talk about it none have never undertaken it so far, i was wondering if they were just blowing smoke out there ass or if it was actually possible
ok another question ok i maybe weigh 135 with full ride gear on do you really think its worth my time or money to change my stock blaster shocks?
i do do alot of jumping and i might even race enxt season but is it worth it????
Ok so i heard that raptor 350 front shocks should bolt straight up to a blaster and i was wondering if thats true and if it would work with the 400ex rear on it

where did u hear bout that???

He heard about it from me. If you stop and think or even try almost ALL OF THE Yamaha sport fronts will interchange, even Raptor 660 fronts will fit a blaster (proven) a buddy of mine has a Warrior (Same thing as raptor 350) and the shocks are visually the same size minus a little different valving