carb idle?


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Aug 14, 2007
my blaster never idled when i bought it. The tors was messed up so i disconnected it. I think i might be missing the idle screw? The idle screw is the bigger one that has a spring in before it correct?

help me make it idle!!!!!!!!!!!
heres a pic

whats the other screw that the ? mark is by? air fuel?


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the one near your black hose seems to be the air/fuel mixture screw, and the missing one is probably the idle
Ok I looked at my carb (stock) and saw no screw where you have listed as missing screws. I looked in my clymer and it looks like a thing called a lockplate goes there that locks on your tors. The other that you have listed as ? is the Pilot air screw. "Turning this screw in enriches the fuel mixture turning it out leans the mixture" this screw affects idle to 1/8 throttle. Hope this helps. Everyone should invest in a service manual.