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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
can anyone think of anything we need a how to on???
(i could probably get on it, or someone else if i had no clue lol)
i know we have alot up, but is there ANYTHING else that anyone needs right now?
just so u know i know how to do these but others might not know

how to change the trans oil lol its just an idea
how to install new grips

hell i'm out of ideas
just so u know i know how to do these but others might not know

how to change the trans oil lol its just an idea
how to install new grips

hell i'm out of ideas

not being mean in any way, just kinda..woondering...
i sure as HELL hope people know how to change trans oil...
cuz...if they dont..we're gunna hear "I BLEW UP" eventually :p :p
Yeah people should know how to change grips to. step 1: take off old grips. Step 2: put on new ones. Very complicated stuff there, lol.
Wow thats bad... Has anyone ever done one on pulling your whole engine out? uhhh seat covers? Replacing shocks? Simple stuff but I'm sure people new to atvs don't know how.
lol, i wasnt serious dude... anyway idk if people have done those or not, but i just did the tranny oil, because i remember hearing alot of people in my town that think 2strokes dont need tranny oil at all i just put it up INCASE... and idk if people did those..ill check soon, but as of right now, im tired, i havent slept since sunday afternoon
ahh, i know what ur saying i work after school until 6:45 at my uncles shop (he can be a hardass sometimes) the putting on grips was a joke :)
I'm home schooled and work a 9 hour shift doing landscaping and stone work. My boss is cool though, he took us on a sea plane :p
What about Rebuilding Shocks? It is relatively simple and it save a Sh*Tload of money. The most detouring thing is the mess. Once you have done it a few times you can revalve and upgrade on your own.
how properly tension your chain, how to replace or re-grease bearings, chain/sprocket inspection and replacement, the re-skinning a seat deal, (im very f-in good at it), kleaning and oiling air-filters, brake replacements, carb cleaning and tuning, setting the toe in and adjusting the camber/caster if you have aftermarket a-arms, swing arm pivot bolt preventive maintainence, steering stem bushing replacement, how to properly adjust cables (this is a big one even for those who think they know it all) carb swaps and set-ups, selecting the right whatever for whatever, it never hurts to honestly do it all for those who know little to nothing, nobody taught me anything about quads, i went through the school of novice wrenches hard knocks and continuous part replacement, but im pretty good now, unfortuantely i dont have a quad at the moment to help out with the write ups on how tos, or else i would cover just about everything i mentioned
Used to have a link

Can't find it anymore, but Koni used to offer custom shocks. I mean ANY combo you want. Length, strength, whatever. Was used by the top end racers mostly, but I think you could a kick ass shock designed however you wanted for about $300, some alot less. Maybe a source for people, that $600 shock crap is for the birds. Thing better cut the grass and wash my car for that. What sort of preload is on the springs? You need any special tools for it?

i agree with Cochise on his suggestions. However, the site is already chock full of information and how-tos. I believe that there should be more added also, but before that, a few things need to be organized a little better though. for instance, there have been times where I have to search thru posts and sections to find a tip or trick on how something is done/tested. Alot of time can be saved if it was organized into a "online manual" or "shop manual" form in a dedicated section of the site. for example, if I want to know how to change the swingarm bearings, i could log on the site, open up the "manual section" and find a full pictorial, step by step, on how this is achieved. I know that this would be time consuming, but i think that with everybodies help and communication that this could be accomplished. Let me be the first to state that I would go the extra mile to make the site that much better.