brake light



Looking for a brake light for an 2004 blaster. Anyone have an extra one laying around that they would be willing to sell me?

I looked there first and i could not find anything. Does it have to be specifically for a blaster or can i make any of them work. When i bought my blaster it did not have a rear grab bar or a brake light on it. I looked and it had the wires back there for one. Is there a bracket for the brake light??
Could not get the PM to work for some reason. I will try from my home computer tonight.

u could get pretty much any 12volt brake light on there, all u need is a drill and some bolts, or a ziptie.
check ebay out again, this time check out the l.e.d. lights! You can buy them all ready to go in sets of 5 bulb racks. I bought 4 of 'em. They use SO MUCH less power and are SO MUCH brighter than the stock stuff! I Also did over my headlight too, but that was all custom. I have the equivalant of 100 watt light up front and there is also NO FLICKERING at idle! All light, all the time! A little cheaper than a used stock light, WAY cheaper than a ricky stator, and I still wouldn't have the amount of light coming out!
NAPA part # 548D

Go to NAPA and buy part # 548D its like 8 or 10 dollars. Drill a couple on new holes in your existing bracket and remember the 548D part number is gounded by the steel base so wire the black wire on the blaster to one of the screws on the light from NAPA. I have this light on both of my Blasters. It looks almost the same as stock.