Blaster w. Smoke Bomb :: Video


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Apr 1, 2007
First of all, I should have used more smoke bombs, but I only had one left. We taped it on there and it's a 120 second smoker. He rode it too fast so the video isn't the best because of that. Next time I'll load it up with those things.

Edit: the video cuts off a bit early, so you'll miss 1/4 of it. sh*t.

PS - I'll post a fireworks video later.
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My gf and I laughed pretty good at the quad jumping out of nowhere. Nice vid, make it longer next time!! :)
that was pretty funny!!!!!!!! it reminds me of the time i was going across a part on a trail and a quad comes jumping out of the woods along side of me and hit me! REALLY hard but ohhh well i was glad my blaster was not hurt
Nice vid i will be posting up vids pretty soon of stupid stuff an racing an roosting.......ect.......bunch of stuff like that since i got my new cam