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blaster not so master

I have a 2000 blaster and when I take off it boggs down but when I get into 2nd gear it goes fine thru all the orther gears. tons of power. Why such a bad takeoff? Could it be the jetting, carb, what? Please help.

That's like your pat answer.

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Dunno, take off the tors and iyt will be better.

Ain't arguin' on it, just starting to get a kick out of it.

Hey, I got a bit of jock itch, what should I do?

sh*t forgot

You should remove the tors. Then look at what you are thinking. Jet, carb, air/fuel. Clean the spark connections and see what you get.

if your airbox lid is removed check ur air filter to make sure the air is not being blocked by dirt. yes and change the plug if its been used for a long time or is starting to foul
tors should be removed anyway. Thats why i suggest it as being something to do first before you f*ck up your jetting and carb settings for no reason. Im not saying that will for sure make it better, but i would think its good to get it out of the picture first.
sounds to me like you might think about gettin new reeds, they may be gettung weak...just a thought....but first take off your TORS ha ha lol=))
I had the same problem with my blaster. I took the carb out and gave it a full cleaning, cleaned my air filter box and filter. Come out of the hole quick now.