Blaster not reving or idling.


New Member
Sep 18, 2022
I just totally rebuilt my Yamaha blaster that I just bought and when I go to kick it over it starts when I give it throttle but when I let go it dies. It also bogs down when I try to rev it up. It won’t stay running and the spark plug (witch is brand new) is black so I assume it’s running to rich but I also think it could be something with the wiring I just put on because I have the tors delete. Please help.
What year is it? Describe how/what all you did for the delete.
While working on it did you clean the carb, set the float. Oil injection or premix? Fresh fuel?
Do you have any modifications?
Ok I redone this whole motor replaced all the electric and rebuilt the engine I finnaly realized that with the new stator I put in it couldn’t produce enough power to keep it running now it revs and runs good.