Blaster Dies in Idle and When Coasting -- Help!


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Apr 1, 2007
The title says it all.

When I am idling after a brief ride, or coasting slowly down a hill, my '99 Blaster seems to slowly die on me. It has done this for some time now and I am tired of always having to press the throttle when coasting, etc.

It seems as if it's not getting enough gas. The idle slows down quickly and poof -- it's dead. I have gas and oil and we've messed with the idle speed controller.

Any ideas? Should I change the idle speed again and see if that helps, or is there some clogged gas line?
u know i have the same not sure what it is but ive messed witht the idle screw and its helped but it still does it.....if not let it die going down the hill...then pop the clutch and she'll fire right back up
yeah but there so much harder to work on.......adn if somehing goes wrong u gotta take it into the shop....and then basically bend over and get took
You dont have to take it to the shop... I rebuild my entire engine in my garage... Its 4-stroke... And a 2.2liter Ecotec.

Making around 300hp now, if i could do that to a car engine than you can do it to your 4-stroke bike engine
i had that problem too before and it will also die out if i left it running on neutruel and did not gas it atfer every few seconds

this is what you have to do... take off the seat then if your airbox is stock... pull that rubber lid next to the hole of where the air gets into the airbox and look to the left side you will see a metal (large screw)(silver) which is attached to the carb... tighten that slightly (1/4 of a turn) max. and that will let more gas run when you are not gassing it... if you cant find the screw im talking about tell me ill take a pic of it and show you cleaerly
Hey you gotta remember it will never idle when cold.

Mine idles fine once its warmed up, i was actually really suprised since it hasnt been very well maintained
um......i have a pod filter......should i just turn the idle up?
Of course it won't idle in the cold. It's inexcusable when it's 70-90F outside though and has been setting in the sun all day and is warmed up for sure.
the brass is air mixer... the top of the carb where the cable... take the seat off and look at the top and and look there the idle
ok... i think its the idle screw but im not sure what its called but ill take a pic of it...

its that screw (sorry for huge size i just thought u could see better..) tighten it just like 1/4 of a turn then u shud be fine...
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would NEVER think to look there, nice addition..

We should have this re-written as a sticky. Since its a common problem on blasters it would help out many people
haha.. i know i had that problem and mentioned it to my friend then he told me how to do it and i was impressed