Blaster Brake Dilemma


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Apr 1, 2007
So I am sure everyone here is well aware of the fact that the Blaster's rear brake goes out all the time. The pad or something. How do I adjust the rear brake and is there a way to prevent it from going out so fast?

If you have a diagram from a repair manual, that may help out too. Otherwise, just apply the best of your knowledge to this thread. BTW I just cleaned some grass out with a tooth-pick and it helped a wee bit.

This is, at least, on the 1999 YFS200.
Thanks in advance.
Done use your back brakes. They dont do any good except when doing wheelies. I use my front brakes 99% of the time when stopping. Who knows maybe its just me.
I use my front, but the back to spin and then do donuts, etc. The real problem is that onlt ONE FRONT brake works (right side) and the other side doesn't grab at all. I have to have all my brakes working.
i want to knwo the same thing hydraulic brakes ar ealot better iv heard
i use my front brakes a lot more than i use my back brakes
So does everyone.
I basically was just asking if anyone knew how to fix ALL the brakes, FRONT and BACK. Takes 10 sec to stop completely. Dangerous.