blaster big bore kit



i was wondering... is there any way 2 install the big bore kit with out taking it 2 the mechine shop.. is the sleave really a pain 2 take out and put the after market one in?
The big bore can be acheived by purchasing a 240 cylinder and just installing it. If you're talking about re-sleeving, let the professionals do it.
Its better just to get the 240 cylinder kit. After the money you will have to spend on getting the sleeve put in you would end up spending the same amount as the cylinder kit anyway.
well the cheapest i have seen for a sleeve kit with piston and everything is $250.00 then the labor to have it pressed is cost alot to. you may come out a little under $500.00. but when its all said and done you can buy a whole 240 kit for as low as $450.00, and that includes a new jug and head along with all the seals, and piston.
I will do you a ported 240 kit for $450. The cylinder head will be re-cut and the cylinder will be ported for your riding conditions.
I have one kit on ebay right now and several other kits ready to be ported I also have +3mm cranks available.
Just let me know what you would like
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Yea I agree with kennedy power....Yu should go with the vitos 240 kit....i adds tons of power to your blaster and at the same time its only 580.00 bucks for the cylinder...head....piston....rings and the gaskets you need to do the job....all you have to do is put it all on and break it in woth the money dude if i hadd the money id do it