best handle bars (POLL)

vote for the best handlebar brand!

  • Pro Taper

    Votes: 63 36.0%
  • TAG

    Votes: 24 13.7%
  • MSR

    Votes: 6 3.4%
  • FLY

    Votes: 23 13.1%
  • Renthal

    Votes: 38 21.7%
  • Moose

    Votes: 10 5.7%
  • factory 909

    Votes: 4 2.3%
  • fast flexx bars

    Votes: 6 3.4%
  • sunline

    Votes: 1 0.6%

  • Total voters


Mar 26, 2007
vote for the best handle bar brand and tell us why

i vted for pro taper because many pros use them and i like how they are comfortable and they block most of the viberations from going to your hands
I voted fly racing bars because it's what i'm running an you can hardly feel any vibration an they are low bend so they make the bike look an feel alot sportier.
I like the flys as well, same reason. My friend back in Washington has a play around blaster and put em on and the sporty feel is nice. And on his track the Fly's feel like you have more control.
i voted renthal, cant really bend them, and i like diff colors...cuz im yah...lets go shoot em up kill em blow em up :D (and yes..i do say strange things when im bored/tired)
i voted protaper, they have the best variety and quality, i hated my renthals on my LTZ they flexxed ridiculously bad, if i had the money to spend tho i would go with FASST Flex bars
i've rode a blaster with fly bars before it felf pretty sporty but i like my pro taper bars better
hmm maybe if some rich dude ever comes on here we can have him do an experiment on both by hitting them with a hammer to see wich is stronger
I want new bars, mine are bent. And forget about bending em back, new bars look cool and this is giving me a good reason to get new