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hi guys after looking around you guys really seem to know quads. i on the other hand i do not so much, i have ridden some bikes when i was was younger (honda 250R) but only have been on a quad a few times. i am interested in doing some trail riding and live on the east coast i am 6foot1 and 250lbs. i have put a new 06 blaster on hold but dont know if i would suit my needs - been on it and if was comfortable to sit on and take down the parking lot-

any thoughts?


Most people your size go for a larger bike. The blaster is more suitable for smaller riders, due to it's small physical size, the power, and the way the suspension is set up. That doesn't mean you can't ride a blaster and have fun on it, i'm just saying that a bigger machine will probably work out better for you. If I were you i'd shoot for something like a 400ex, z400, or raptor 350 at the smallest. Chances are if you did get the blaster, you'd end up trading up on something bigger later on down the road anyways, and spend more money in the long run.

Do you know anybody else with quads? Maybe the best thing to do, since you haven't really rode for a while, would be to take several test rides on different machines and see what you think. Move around on the seat, turn the handlebars, stand up, and see how comfortably you can move and how the machine fits you. Whatever you do, don't rush your decision. Do as much research as possible, and don't spend a penny until you're absolutely positive you know what you want. With as many machines as there are on the market these days, it just wouldn't make sense to get one that simply "gets the job done and fits you ok" when you can get one that fits you perfect and has everything you want in a machine. Don't immediately rule out any major brands either, they all make good reliable machines. That's my 2 cents on the subject, hope it helps.
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Look into a banshee if you like the power and feel of the blaster. Everything is just about x2. 2 cylinders 2 pipes, almost twice the weight, Pretty much just an upgraded version of the blaster.