A whole new Blaster!


Jun 11, 2007
Hey, just wanted to see if anyone can help me with this... I was thinking of maybe getting this blaster if I could get it cheap but how much more cash would I need to put in such a thing to make it roar. I mean I pretty much want to be the fast and have it look great.

Here is the link I was looking at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2001...ategoryZ6725QQihZ002QQitemZ120142827401QQrdZ1

Any ideas? Im just trying to get a really, really nice blaster that I can use with no mercy and could that all come up under $1500? Are there other places I can look besides e-bay?
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look on craigs list...I got mind from a local paper in the classifieds for 800 dude was askin 1350
I guess i could do that, but from a paper cant get that much pics and not be able to see the whole picture. Anyway, what would be some great mods to get?
Get the basics...Fatty pipe exaughts...reeds spacers boost bottle and I mean thats not bad stuff to have my friend had all that exept boost bottle and his went preatty nice it wasn't a beast mine now is faster but i have a 240kit on mine so...u can get the 240kit if u want then looks nerf bars, new fenders if you want stickers you just let your imaginatio take you go to ebay type in blaters parts and it all depends on ur year
Looks like that quad has it all, stroker, bored, you name it. Prolly could go with a port and polish. I would hit the suspension if you wanted a real nice ride.
guys reserve isn't met ask him what it is so you don't waste your time but also look around other places for one....just so you don't get your hopes up and be depresed....also you might want to look at fenders and do you live near him he said local pickup only
Thats for the advice guys. Lol, I am really going to need step by step instructions of what kind of parts/kits I would need but i guess when I get that blaster. And it is true that reserve has not been met so i might not get it:( Is it good idea to buy brand new?
if you want to brake it in buy a new one it can't hurt its just not cheap...where do u live what state I'll look on craigs list
it has some good aftermarket parts in it, the handle bars look aftermarket as well, he says only problem is doesn't idle i'mt hinking carb needs to eb adjusted or rejeted.
I don't like the fact that the frame has been taken apart and rewelded. A wee bit more modified to it than I would like but that's my opinion.